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We understand how Mental Health Services aren’t always easily accessible and as a company we strive to make things easier for you. We are thrilled to announce the opening of our most recent location in Houston, Texas! Mile High Psychiatry is excited to provide medication management services in a new state while providing the opportunity to reach and assist patients anyway we can. We will apply the same principals and culture to our new locations, offering the trust and inspiring treatment that many of our patients seek. Here at MHP, we understand how life can be unpredictable and throw us off when certain circumstances arise. We promise to be here for you in these times of need and provide you with the appropriate medication management and tools needed to navigate these uncertainties. It has always been our goal to provide our patients with the best experience possible which includes utilizing providers and staff who practice their intuitive skills to address your worries and make you feel comfortable in an understanding, non-judgemental and safe environment. Our practice has a variety of providers and Houston Psychiatrist who come with years of experience treating:

  • ADHD 
  • Anxiety
  • Peer Relationships
  • Depression
  • Self Harm
  • ADD
  • Medication Management etc.

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Mental Health Treatment

It is our pleasure and responsibility to create an encouraging and secure environment for you. Our Houston Psychiatrist providers dedicate themselves to work with you as a team to create a treatment plan specifically tailored to you and your needs. We will do our best to educate you and reassure you that we can and will rebuild you to the best version of yourself using the proper care and tools. We believe in removing the stigma attached to mental health and want to alleviate any burdens, stress and worries you have to promote healing and success within yourself. Our experienced and compassionate team will help you feel at home, while reviewing all of your options and answering any psychiatry questions you may have. Our core values will always remain, we are here to Help you Become the Best You. 

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Therapy and Referrals

We pride ourselves on being a very honest and knowledgeable company, however there can be things that may be outside of our scope of practice. Should the occasion arise, we are always willing to provide our patients with referrals to other trusted psychiatric providers in our area. We promise to always remain professional and will do our best to connect you with a referral that is the best fit for you.

We strongly believe that collaboration between psychiatric providers can play a big role in patient success and will always strive to put our patients first. We will keep our conversations with you confidential, unless specified otherwise. We expect and want our patients to feel safe while opening up and sharing their thoughts and concerns with us. With open communication and mutual respect we promise to be here for you. We are here and dedicated to Helping You Become the Best You.

We recognize how the process of seeking Mental Health services can sometimes be tedious. We will always do our best to jump through hoops for you and ensure that we have prescribed the best medication for you, have it sent to the correct pharmacy and guarantee any extra steps are taken care to have your requests resolved in a timely manner. Sometimes insurance companies may request further information before you are able to pick up your medications. Not to worry, we have a team of amazing and dedicated psychiatric individuals who will assist in getting this process completed for you. Here at Mile High Psychiatry Houston, we pride ourselves in assisting you in any possible way that we can; including speaking with insurance companies, pharmacies and mutual providers to make things easier on you. Let us know what you need and we are here! We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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